Enjoy the Advantages of Deregulation

Deregulation is changing the energy market for the better, encouraging environmental consciousness, efficiency, and superior customer relations. As a consumer in a deregulated market, you’ll still receive your electricity and gas through your local utility’s infrastructure, but you can choose your supplier. More states are deregulating their energy, allowing for alternative suppliers like Grand Energy, LLC to enter and enhance the industry. We strive to keep consumers informed so they can take charge of their energy choices.

When you choose Grand Energy, LLC as your electric and natural gas supplier, your electricity still gets delivered by your local utility company through their transmission lines and your gas still gets delivered by your local utility company through their pipelines. There will be absolutely no disruption in your service. Your utility company continues to read the meters, handle emergencies such as gas leaks and power outages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive the same high quality energy with the same reliability, at a lower cost.

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Save Money

Take control of your energy costs. Save on electricity and natural gas by using our proven expertise and superior resources.

We know how to maximize the value of your energy investment regardless of the volume you require. From a residential home, to a multi-site company with significant aggregated energy usage in locations across North America, we craft solutions designed specifically for your needs.

Better Service

Locally managed & focused on the needs of residential and business customers alike.

You'll find Grand Energy, LLC professionals with unparalleled experience at work in the competitive energy market in North America.

Because our service areas are locally managed, you'll benefit from innovative energy contracts tailored to the rules and regulations that impact your geographic area. We are passionately focused on delivering service characterized by vision, speed, innovation, creativity and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We'll work as hard to keep your business as we do to win it.


We make the switching process easy by guiding you every step of the way.

  • First we learn all we can about your energy consumption by conducting an in-depth review and analysis of your historical usage data.

  • As your energy partner, we present the results of our findings and make specific product recommendations designed to meet your goals and objectives.

  • Upon your acceptance and approval, we'll work with you to finalize the details of a smooth and painless switch to Grand Energy, LLC.

  • After you switch to Grand Energy, LLC, we'll work as hard to keep your business as we did to earn it. We'll do this by delivering competitive prices and products, while providing quality service.


Grand Energy’s Customized Pricing Options

Monthly Variable Pricing:

Monthly variable pricing is designed for customers who wish to purchase their electricity and natural gas on a monthly basis. In an energy market where prices are falling, choosing a variable rate plan may end up saving you the most money. You’ll be able to take advantage of declining prices rather than being stuck in a higher-priced contract.

Short and Long Term Fixed Pricing:

Grand Energy’s fixed pricing allows you to lock in your electricity and natural gas prices on a short-term or long-term basis. Fixed pricing is attractive to customers who want to protect themselves from rising markets, and accurately budget their electric and natural gas expenses over a specified period.



What is energy deregulation?

Energy deregulation gives you a choice. Prior to deregulation, local utilities were the only option and customers were forced to pay their rates. Now, customers may choose an energy supply company -- like Grand Energy, LLC -- that provides you with the options and prices that best meet your needs.

If I switch to Grand Energy, will there be any interruption with my service?

No. The switch from one supplier to another is seamless.

What if there are emergencies or account questions?

If you have an emergency related to your electricity or natural gas, you’ll still call your utility. They will be there to help you, as always. Otherwise you can contact your Grand Energy representative with questions regarding your account.

How can Grand Energy help me save?

Grand Energy, LLC is an independent energy company that is lean and operationally efficient.  By keeping our costs low, we can pass our savings on to you.

What kind of service can we expect from Grand Energy?

Responsive service is crucial to us, so you can count on personal attention from our professional staff. We are passionately focused on delivering service characterized by vision, speed, innovation, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. You will receive swift, efficient support without wasting your valuable time.

Will my utility company be upset if I switch energy suppliers?

No. Utilities generally make their profits on the delivery of electricity and natural gas and do not have much incentive for customers to stay with them for the supply of electricity and natural gas.

How do I enroll with Grand Energy?

Simply call (888) 970-0838. All we need is your basic contact information and your utility account number, which can be found on your bill. It’s easy to get started.

Once I switch to Grand Energy, when will my service start?

As soon as we receive approval from the utility to make the switch, Grand Energy should become your supplier as of your next meter read date. This process typically takes about 30 days.

Can I terminate my agreement with Grand Energy at any time without penalty?

That depends on the type of service that you have elected. In the case of our variable rate plans, you can terminate at any time without penalty. If you are on one of our fixed-rate plans, penalties may apply. We recommend that you review your terms of service or agreement prior to making any changes. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We're always happy to help.